While We're Young

Nothing Even Matters

Happy Sunday!

A close friend of mine sent me throwbacks this morning. Of course, they were pre-covid and had shown me how we evolved in our independent years and became the people we are deeply in love with today. I can admit that being thrown into your early 20's can feel like a rush to excel in your career, manage your money or stay on top of all bills or relationships. It also feels like a time where people are constantly asking you about your future and, in turn, making you wonder in the midst of all this trial and error, what is next for me? Today, we can still appreciate that time has taught me how to embrace the good days and bad days. To accept heartache with grace. That the constant discovery of ourselves pushes us further into becoming and walking in our true authentic light, but these moments remind me to enjoy this beautiful, thriving, and wild ride. Or at least that's how I would describe my 20's. With every minute, we are required to surrender so that we can actually enjoy the journey, and I think the greatest I have learned is that love will never let you go. It will push you to be your highest self. Toni Morrison once said, "All water has perfect memory and is forever trying to get back where it was." We are floating butterflies, you and I flowing through love and inhaling (living) because of it. Love is a huge part of our evolution.

I hope that this Sunday evening, between catching up on resting or enjoying a glass of wine, that you spend time reading Sunday Forever. Today's stories are reminders to be soft, understanding, and patient. To embrace the timing of our opening. Captured by stories on marriage, from a Black romance novelist, and why Black Love is the Key To Our Evolution.