We are sudden stars, you and I

Black owned-businesses to support today and every day!!

Sonia Sanchez once said in a haiku that we are sudden stars you and i exploding in our blue black skins. We are constantly evolving, and I genuinely love to see us burst in our glorious colors and as one. During this Juneteenth celebration, I attended the Leimert Park Rising: Juneteenth Celebration , an observance rooted in love. This festival feels like home and reminds me of the parades and barbecues we would have in Texas when I was growing up. My friend made us brunch; after this festival, we all had dinner at a black-owned restaurant and bar called The District by GS. How did you celebrate? I hope this weekend has brought you so much joy.

My sentiments remain the same. To say that I want black people to grow old with time is an understatement. I want black people to grow as old as mountains. To travel as far as the ocean. To stand as tall as trees. To spread new roots. To laugh religiously. To leave legacies of plenty. What's your dream?

We have so much to celebrate, including our fathers and father figures—the men who love us and raise us. Teach us and guide us—the men who try. I am grateful for my step-father. When he proposed to my mother, he asked me to be his daughter forever, and since then, he has made me a meaningful part of his life.

In honor of Juneteenth, we complied with a list of black-owned businesses. The hope is that your list will grow longer with black-owned products to support and a reminder that you deserve to treat yourself. We all deserve happiness. I have joy because I am a reflection of love. I feel supported, appreciated and am watching my community grow more abundantly.

I hope you will enjoy this self-care list and read this reflection on practices that can set you up for financial freedom. Money is a common source of stress for many, but I hope that we continue to elevate, create, and delight in financial freedom as a people. I hope this is a year of overflow and generational wealth.

We are moving on up in our blue black skins. Here's to many more good times.