Joy + Summer

How was your July?

How has your July been? In one of today’s reflections writer, Crea Jackson asks, “What’s your relationship to self? Are you intimately in a relationship with your mind, body, and spirit?” Oweeee. I love this opening question because it caused me to reflect on how my relationship with myself this July was centered around nurturing joy. Joy in letting go. Joy in feeding myself with more time on my nature walks. Joy in sleeping fully, earlier, and more extended. Joy in wanting more but accepting and being grateful that God has already given me enough. Where has your happiness come from? How can you take it with you in August and beyond? 

I went on a refreshing hike, and in that stillness, it was a great reminder that I did not create this mountain. I am still growing, and I needed this beautiful reminder of how delightful and tall the trees are, the way the sun wraps you up and hugs your back, and provides warmth for the uphill journey. This week my joy was the hike, it was my brother practicing with our youngest brother how to drive, and next week like Rachel Dawson says in her story, “Next week, I don’t know what joy will look like – but it’s strangely affirming because the “I don’t know” lets me know that I made the right choice and am still growing.”   

Sasha of Frank + Feel spoke about “Paying attention to the everyday delights that already exist serves as a continuous reminder that you are here. Actively in, creating, and building a life that feels right for you.”  

Let’s build with what we have and what’s to come. 

As always, my joy is that you are here reading this newsletter. Joy because my lovely friends Imani of Flavor of Fox and Cay put together delicious Eggplant Parm and The Classic Aperol Spritz recipes with love that I know you will enjoy. 

See you on a Sunday in August.