I want black people to grow as old as mountains.

Are not flowers the stars of the earth?

I hate saying goodbye. It is beautiful to explore new places. To re-pack your old suitcase with memories that you are bringing home with you. To reminisce over the late nights, early mornings, and people you've spent time with along the way. But when it's time for me to say and hug goodbye, I became a little bashful. A friend of mine pointed this out one morning. He said, "You must not love saying goodbye." I do not. I love going home to my own space, and there is nothing like your own bed or coming home to your own roses that are finally budding. I can say that when I returned, the trees seemed taller, the flowers were in full bloom, and extra fresh limes were growing on the trees. It took time. But while I was away, my garden required nothing to regrow. My garden needed nothing, but fresh air, sun, and rain. 

This month, this year, I hope you focus on what it takes to tend and regrow your garden. I saw this tweet that said I want black men to grow old. To say that I want black people to grow old with time is an understatement. I want black people to grow as old as mountains. To travel as far as the ocean. To stand as tall as trees. To spread new roots. To laugh religiously. To leave legacies of plenty. What's your dream? 

So here comes the bliss. 

The truth is we want all people to live more abundantly, longer, and more precious lives. I've just seen black people; people of color have to work a lot faster to survive. But how about we nourish ourselves, each other so that our communities can get taller. 

How beautiful is our skin that we can explode in it and live more abundantly? How beautiful is it that we are not the work we do but the people we are? How beautiful is it to have places to discover? How beautiful is it that we can grow with our family, homies, lovers, and friends? How beautiful it is that we have so much to learn. Love. Fight for.  

Happy Sunday! Today I woke up missing the food from Turkey Leg Hut in Houston (Grace's Shrimp burger was a close second!) It was one of the memorable meals I had while I was there, so well seasoned and speaking of crawfish I cannot wait to try Flavor of Fox's favored Crawfish Empanadas, and you don't need alcohol to try Cayla's fabulous drink. The World Health Day Mocktail is a light and refreshing non-alcoholic mixed drink that everyone can enjoy!

This month is about continually finding yourself in nature. Wonderful. Meaningful. Playful. Present. Full of fresh leaves and fresh buds. Flourishing. Healthy. Brand-new. To Have Pleasure. An Open Heart. To try that yoga class you've wanted to take. To go to the doctor. Maybe even turn your phone off for a day. Life is moving so fast. 

You have time. 

I love you, and I pray for you.

See you next Sunday.