I am worthy

I deserve to live my dream life.

Happy Sunday,

I am looking forward to September and all that this month will bring. I choose to embrace the shift from Summer to Fall to be open to all the adventures life offers in this new season. I am finding stillness instead of forcing myself to focus on my three-month goals or even looking ahead to my plans for 2022. Instead, I choose to be like rain-flowing in each moment.

But it is still possible to struggle with holding on to joy. In last Sunday's interview, I appreciated Raven's honesty that at times she still gets shocked at the freedom she has with getting paid to travel for work, living the lifestyle she wants while taking care of her mom in New York City.

"I feel like it's crucial, especially in these times to remind myself that I am living my dream, and I sometimes have to talk to my 21-year-old self and remind myself to embrace where I am now. It is easy to think about what the future holds," Raven B. Varona says. "Even while living in the present, you don't realize you're surrounded by all you've worked for. The fact that I am living my dream every day and creating new goals. I had to pause and say, "Let me live in the moment and enjoy all I have worked on."

Do you enjoy your dreams? Have you accepted that you are worthy of them? Or that you are abundant, a masterpiece just the way you are? Do you use your key?

Our key is the life we are given, the power we have, our ability to love, and how we effortlessly walk in abundance.

We have unlimited opportunities to use our key. We deserve a life that sets our souls on fire. To be entirely wrapped up in the hours that take our breath away. Maybe that is what's missing from conversations about our dreams: focusing on our joy or our purpose or pleasure. I find myself straying away from the idea that my dream is to make more money, to have it all by 30, or be everything to everybody.

I asked three women to write from the prompt "I deserve to live my dream life," They all beautifully put together stories that I think we can all relate to. While reading Crea's story, she encouraged me to release to expand. "When we speak of living our dream lives, it's easy to forget that the act of releasing is required to fulfill that desire. So let my words be a reminder that the life of your dreams will require much intentional release. Surrender to it," she said.

I know it's not always that simple, so I appreciated Ursula's sentiments as well. She realized, like I did, that the biggest obstacle in maintaining happiness is myself.

At first, Ursula Cimone struggled with writing about what it means to live the life of her dreams. She voiced that "The truth is when it comes to letting myself visualize my deepest desires… This little voice often sneaks in and plants seeds of doubt. Imposter syndrome… Am I good enough to reach that level? Or guilt… Why should I thrive when so many around me suffer? Even judgment… Why do I desire success and wealth in the first place?"

And when we forget, we can lean on our family and friends to remind us that it is impossible to go backward. Marquise Alston shared a heartfelt love letter that it was a journey to rebuild her life from scratch and overcome her fears after her partner passed. Presently she knows she deserves to live life fully and own each day because his life was a sweet reminder that she deserves to live the life of her dreams.

The vulnerability shared in these stories is why I started Sunday Forever, to create a space for us to be honest about our adventures and growth. To share our love, revel in our desires, experiences and hold each other close when loss happens. I wish you a wonderful Sunday and hope that you will share our newsletter with someone.

Today, tomorrow, this year, who you are is already good and plenty.