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Interview with Alexandria Tillard-Gates, Founder of HerHealing

“The hustle is good, but the hustle can also be detrimental to your health. It’s not healthy to constantly be running around to avoid things.”

Happy Sunday,

How do you practice self-compassion? When I sat down with Alexandria Tillard-Gates Founder of HerHealing, she told me that she practices self-compassion with patience—expressing that you must first be bad at something before you are good at it. She had the vision to own her own business, and although there were hits and misses at the beginning filled with plenty of learning, she had faith God supported her journey.

Early on, Alexandria connected to nurture others by volunteering and participating in community service. So there is no surprise that she built a healing and health organization around her mission to contribute to generational healing and to empower other women to do the same. I have so much gratitude for women like Alexandria and her team, who create opportunities for women to be seen and heard. It was a journey to start HerHealing, which provides psychotherapy for women, couples, adolescents, and children using various modalities to meet your needs. Alexandria notes that she had traumatic experiences and the generational trauma of women in her family. Still, she realized that when women do their own emotional and mental healing work, generations grow. Ultimately this evolved into The HerHealing community, a non-profit that provides support to women of color and children at a low cost emotionally and mentally with methods like art therapy, yoga therapy, creative writing, and prayer, to name a few. I love that Alexandria believes that you can never over-invest in your overall health. She says, “We need to take care of ourselves and give ourselves daily moments to relax, mentally, physically, and emotionally. If our priority is to take care of others, what will others do when we are gone? They will have to figure it out, and we have to let them. We can no longer carry everyone on our shoulders at the expense of self-care.”

She added, “The hustle is good, but the hustle can also be detrimental to your health. It’s not healthy to constantly be running around to avoid things.”

My patience grows when I acknowledge that we are all human and we need grace. More love. More serenity. So this summer, I hope that you continue to love yourself while you are waiting. It’s an ongoing process to remain present or powerful, but life is a giving tree. Change is fruitful, guiding us forward with the breeze.

I hope the lighter we become, the higher we go. But what’s the rush? We have no problems, only small situations that will pass like the wind.

Happy Happy Sunday! I cannot stop talking about Flavor of Fox’s Cajun Lobster Tails and Cay’s Peach Rose Sangria. I can’t think of what I love more, seafood or rose, so please excuse me while I treat myself. Your overall health is a gift to the world, so today, be compassionate with yourself and don’t forget to read our June stories.

See you on a Sunday in July.