Bridgid Coulter on creativity, wellness, Blackbird, and why Black women are the bomb!

This year, I will finally finish thinking that I'm ever going to finish my to-do list.

Hi ya’ll,

I first discovered Blackbird , founded by Bridgid Coulter during the thick of the pandemic, when meditation or yoga classes weren't as accessible. Blackbird is a collective group that offers digital productivity, wellness, activism and community programs that remind us to comfort ourselves.

Bridgid Coulter is championing Blackbird, but she also manages an interior design company and is an Actress. In her words, interior design has always been fascinating to her growing up in Berkeley, California. She assumed all houses had character because of the wood details and craftsmanship of the 1908 Craftsman she lived in. “I have always been drawn to how you live in your own space. I always love the variety of ways that you can live in space. Space is significant to Wellness because we spend so much time indoors,” she said. "In terms of business, when I went back to the Master's of interior architecture program at UCLA, I discovered it is a service business because you can help people create their sanctuary. I love talking to people, so in part, that was like, who are you and how do you want to live in your own home. It was something I had a passion for but it found me."

I love that, it found her. As most of our passions do when we answer the call. We spend all of our time in our bodies and so much time in our homes, so I love that Bridgid finds joy in helping people adorn their homes. I highly recommend joining Blackbird Collective; when we nourish ourselves, we reap the benefits and give to others. Isn’t it wonderful that we have the grace and freedom we need to come home to ourselves? Thank you for reading this interview and these three simple declarations of love for women. I hope these stories bring you harmony and enjoyment this Monday. Spring is here!

I am eager to try this Air Fried Spinach & Crab Stuffed Mushrooms recipe by Flavor of Fox and Cayla's March Cocktail. The girls continue to slay in and out of the kitchen! And I know that's right! 

I look forward to warm weather and traveling on tropical beaches somewhere, but most importantly, I look forward to sharing more stories with you!